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20 Things I Enjoy Doing~The Artist's Way

20 Things I Enjoy Doing
excerpt from my art journal
I've been totally geeking out with the exercises in "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. She is a brilliant woman!
One exercise is listing 20 things you enjoy doing.
This helps one to see clearly the kind of activities
that spark delight within. 
Julia says these are excellent resources for artist dates. 

Here is my list... 

watching movies (especially horror)

frolicking on the Blue Ridge Parkway

exploring downtown Asheville

road trips

making love and cuddling

reading a good book

going for a nature walk

relaxing and listening to music

going to concerts

medicine making

creating (creating almost anything...candles, jewelry, mixed media, painting...I really LOVE to paint)

hanging out with like minded females (I crave that energy in my life)


playing skee-ball

visiting the ocean

exploring new territory


tinkering in my garden

visiting wineries and breweries


What about you? Can you list 20 things you enjoy doing? 
Tell me about them. 
Feel free to share!

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Spirit Dancer