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Kick Start Art Journaling with Sara Naumann

I'm pretty new to art journaling. 

You may recall I got an amazing journal with a crow on the front from Michael Seagle at a local artists craft show.

 It became obvious it would be my 1st art journal.

Since then, I've been having some fun and experimenting.

How perfect that an art journaling class became available to me.

I'm really singing Sara's praises. 
She is organized and pleasant and easy to understand.

I haven't taken tons of online classes, however I'm part of a year long mixed media course and every single week is a different project presented with a different teacher, 
how-to video, and how- to PDF.

I have to say some of these videos and PDFs are 
completely shitty.
Most of the videos are just downright terrible...
plus they insert their dog or cat to make it look cute. 
Well, I'm wanting to learn techniques, not see your freakin pet.
I don't want to hear your cat meow or see your dog at the pool.
I don't want to hear your child.

If you are going to offer a course, make an attempt to make it PROFESSIONAL.

The PDFs look like a 1st grader did them. that is off my chest...

I am blown away with Sara Naumann.

Finally, someone that gets it.

Someone that is professional.

Her PDFs rock. 

I can tell her heart and soul has gone into this course.

The videos are great, her voice is pleasant and elegant.

The lessons are easy to understand.
and they present challenges as well.

Sara gets you thinking!
I love that.
I love to get my brain cells spinning. 

Week #1 was finding your mentor, or 
letting your mentor find you.

Sara gave us this incredibly inspiring website,,
 chock full of leaders and visionaries. 

 As I was glancing through people I noticed Sheryl Crow...really? 

I went through a big listening phase to Ms. Crow back in 2003. 

I remember The Globe Sessions playing over and over in my condo by the lake that always 
smelled of incense and spirituality. 

I was a listener of her tunes, but I never really knew anything 
about Sheryl Crow.

I started reading about her and couldn't stop.

I was amazed to find out she has a brain tumor, but is fine.
She has fought cancer, and won.

She is creative, fierce, and beautiful.

I just love her.

I found similarities between Sheryl Crow and I.

We are both from the midwest.
We are both of Irish descent.
We are both aquarians.
We are anti-war and speak our minds.

We are both strong, independent, and 
we truly embrace who we are.

Thank you Sara Naumann!
So looking forward to more art journaling exercises.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 

 The Magick Muse