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Getting Settled in the New Home


Moving is exhausting. 

Unpacking, finding a new home for everything, trips to Goodwill, finding things I haven't seen for a couple of years sparking memories and emotions...

It is fun. It is exciting. And it makes me oh-so-tired.

I do best with routine and I'm anxious to get back to mine.

I'm ready to start creating again. 
I'm ready to get The Magick Muse Life Coaching biz going.
I'm ready for blogging. 

I'm soooooo ready to start my life again.

Just a little bit longer...just a few more boxes to unpack...

It's all so worth it. 

I love our new home. 

It is exactly what I need. 
I have a room of my own. I have my garden space. 
I have my washer/dryer back. 
(no more washing my undies in the sink)

Soon all well be settled. 

Can't wait for the Housewarming Party!

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Magick Muse