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Affirmation Sunday

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Welcome to Affirmation Sunday!

Last Sunday, I began Affirmation Sunday...
where I, The Magick Muse
will be delivering you
some awesome affirmations.

Most Sundays, they are gonna be from
the lovely Affirmation Queen herself,

This week's is from one of my favorite books,

Inner Wisdom, Meditations for the Heart and Soul

I am healthy and filled with energy.

I know and affirm that my body is a friendly place to live.

I have respect for my body, and I treat it well.

I nourish it with good foods and healthy exercise.

I affirm positive things about my body 
and tell it I love it often.

I connect with the energy of the Universe, 
and I allow it to flow through me.

I have wonderful energy.

I am radiant, vital, and alive!

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Magick Muse