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Psychoneuroimmunology explores the relationships between the nervous system, emotions, and the immune system. 
It proves the links between our states of mind and
our states of health.

It is the important piece of a very complex puzzle - 
the puzzle of what creates and
 maintains harmony and well-being.

The premise of mind-body medicine is that our thoughts, feelings,
and mental states influence our bodies at the physical level
and express themselves in our health.

You are the master of
your immune system.

The brain influences the body, including the immune system, through nerve fibers that reach into all of the organs, the endocrine system, the bones, the muscles, the lymph nodes, and every part of the body. It also exerts both direct and indirect effects through its own chemical messengers and those dispatched by the endocrine glands. The limbic system, which is an evolutionarily ancient collection of deep brain nuclei involved in the generation of emotional responses, reaches into the autonomic nervous system and the immune system through its connections with the hypothalamus.

The connections between the hypothalamus and the immune system are bi-directional. The brain not only transmits information to the immune system, but also receives information back from it. This is the basis of neuromodulation of immune function and it is the way in which states of mind influence the body, and the way in which states of the body influence the mind.

The three traditionally separated fields of neuroscience, endocrinology and immunology, with their various organs—the brain, the glands, the spleen, bone morrow, and lymph nodes—are actually joined to each other in a multidirectional network of communication, linked by information carriers known as neuropeptides.

We have an incredible intelligence and power within us that constantly responds to our thoughts and words.
As we learn to control our minds by the conscious choice of thoughts, we align ourselves with this power.
Life is very simple if you understand 
what we give out, we get back.
What we think becomes our reality.
When we create harmony, peace, and balance in
our minds, we have it in our lives.

By this understanding, we see we can create illness in our body. The body is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs.
The body is always speaking to us.
When you learn to listen to your body, 
you can find your imbalance.

Louise L. Hay, a metaphysical lecturer and teacher, writes amazing books on this subject. She says physical illness can be changed mentally. Her books lists illnesses with the probable cause and the new thought pattern implemented by an affirmation. By using the new thought pattern, you can eliminate the illness.

For example, you are suffering stomach issues.
The probable cause is dread, fear of the new, 
and/or inability to assimilate the new.

The affirmation is 
"Life agrees with me.
 I assimilate the new every moment of every day.
 All is well."

Maybe you have been fatigued.
The probable cause is resistance, boredom, 
and/or lack of love for what one does.

The new thought pattern is 
"I am enthusiastic about life and 
filled with energy and enthusiasm."

We are responsible for everything in our lives-the good, the bad, and the ugly. Each one of us creates our experiences by our feelings and our thoughts. The thoughts we think create our reality. Why not manifest a healthy reality
 if you hold the power?

When we have something in our present that is undesirable,
then we must use our minds to change the situation.

Change your thoughts. Change your life.
Practice affirmations. Build positive energy within you.

You can build positive energy by mediation and visualization. Sit quietly, calm the mind, and visualize yourself HAPPY. Let this feeling become familiar to you. Build upon it. You can start visualizing good health, good relationships, 
a new car, the list goes on.

We are unlimited in what we can do.

All the events you have experienced in your lifetime up to this moment have been created by your beliefs and your thoughts you held in the past.

What is most important is now.

Live in the now.

Choose to think, feel, believe,
and live right now.
By understanding psychoneuroimmunology 
we have the power to
be healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

You hold the key to happiness.

You have the power!

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Magick Muse

Amy Riddle is an empowerment coach, crafter of sorts, writer,
herbalist, reverend, and all out muse.
She holds a Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine with an emphasis on herbs. 
She is a certified professional life coach with the Life Coach Institute of Orange County. 
Amy craves to inspire others to be healthy and whole in body, mind, and spirit. 
She has an affinity for striped socks, stinging nettle, and all things faery.