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What movie has inspired you? Part of the Flying Sisters Blog Circle

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What movie has inspired you?
Harold and Maude 1971

I was 19 when I first saw Harold and Maude.

I admit I felt extremely resistant.

I was in Philosophy class and our teacher says,
"Today, we are going to watch a movie."

Huge sigh.

Sure, watching a movie in class should be a welcomed act,
however usually when a teacher shows you a movie...
the movie is shit.

I really loved my philosophy teacher though, 
and I thought if she picked it out...maybe it's not too shabby.

She chose a great film.
I was so captivated with just the opening scene.
We were watching something this amazing in class?

Harold and Maude has stuck with me through the years.

There are so many valuable life lessons in it.

Maude became a huge inspiration to me.

I thought, 
"Damn, I wanna be like her when I'm that age - 
actually I want to be like her at any age!"

Ruth Gordon's Maude is an incredible role model for women.

She may be turning 80, but the spirit of her character was ageless.

Fiery, sexy, and full of life,
Maude is the kind of woman you want around.

Maude is the woman you see at a funeral 
with a yellow umbrella.
 Harold and Maude
Maude teaches you age is a state of mind.

Maude fills you with self confidence and shows us you can still pose nude at 80.

Save the trees, play musical instruments, 
sing at the top of your lungs...

Maude teaches us to not hold back.

Maude teaches us to live life to the fullest.
Harold and Maude

Harold: Maude.
Maude: Hmm?
Harold: Do you pray?
Maude: Pray? No. I communicate.
Harold: With God?
Maude: With *life*.

I leave you with one of my favorite moments from the film...
go ahead...
channel your inner Maude...
if you want to sing out, sing out!

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May you enjoy our movie circle and 
have some bursts of inspiration. 

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Magick Muse

Amy Riddle is an empowerment coach, crafter of sorts, writer, 
herbalist, reverend, and all out muse. 
She holds a Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine with an emphasis on herbs.
 She is a certified professional life coach with the Life Coach Institute of Orange County. 
Amy craves to inspire others to be healthy and whole in body, mind, and spirit. 
She has an affinity for striped socks, stinging nettle, and all things faery.