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Women Who Run With The Wolves - Book Club

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Book club!

Yup. I'm in another book club.

I just can't help myself!

I'm in an Artist's Way book club online and
it's pretty awesome. 

We do a chapter a month along with our morning pages 
and artist's dates.

It's extremely eye-opening and not difficult to keep up with at all.

So - now I have joined a 

I've had this book for years. 
I got it back in 2004 at a used bookstore in Orlando.

I saw the book, picked it up, and was like, 
"Oh, yes - we are meant to be together."

So, I started reading immediately.
And I stopped.

I've attempted "Women Who Run with the Wolves" at least 3 times - and I never ever continue it.

It's quite daunting. 

Recently, it has come to my full attention that if I want to do something from beginning to end, it helps if I have structure. If I am in a class or have a deadline, I will give it my all. If I'm reading or doing or painting something on my own - it could be finished in a day or in 3 years. 

I need structure to bring things to completion.

So, here I am.

We start this weekend...I'm off to read 
"Singing Over the Bones"...again...

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Magick Muse