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Making ATCs - Artist Trading Cards

Blog 8 of 30 ~ Effy Wild's Blogalong ~ Thirty Posts in Thirty Days 

Artist Trading Cards are the size of a regular playing card...
2 1/2 by 3 1/2. 
You create art on one side, on the other side you place your information and then you swap with other artists.

I am part of an awesome group that swaps 2 ATCs monthly, 
plus birthdays!

Back in February, I posted the Artist Trading Cards 
I had received for my birthday month.
I absolutely loved getting such creations 
in the mail!

Right now, I'm on a break from making them. Sometimes I have so many passions, I end up with an unrealistic amount of creative outlets. 

However, I hope to get back into ATC creating again soon. 

I have tons of backgrounds, so it actually wouldn't be that difficult to jump back on the ATC wagon.

Earlier in the year, since I had planned on creating tons of ATCs for my group, I decided to mass produce some. 
Well, at least the backgrounds.

Here's what I did.

I took some scrapbooking sheets...

On the blank side I glued regular playing cards.
I could fit 12 per sheet. 

Next the real fun begins -
painting and decorating the backgrounds.

I used white gesso, black gesso, acrylic paints, water, paper towels, bubble wrap, foam brushes, bubble painting, 
and my fingers. 

I loved doing this. 
I just simply created 60 ATCs that are ready for their flair.

Here are some ATCs I've created this year.

Here is the 1st ATC I ever created...

and a few more I've done recently.

I love creating Artist Trading Cards. 
They are simple, fun, and the best part is....
getting them in the mail.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Magick Muse