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Merry Mabon

The First Day of Fall
Mabon Faerie found at

I am Autumn's grandeur and the colors of completion. 

I am the ripened store that will 
see my soul through the coming cold.

As night and day are poised in balance, I release all that is 
no longer mine to hold, and praise that which abides.

I enter now into reprieve and seek the lessons that will be revealed.

Blessed Be!

Mabon is the time where day and night are in equal length. 
It is the beginning of the waning year, 
the 2nd of the 3 harvest festivals.

Magickal Energies: abundance, equality, harvesting, introspection, protection

Symbols: acorns, apples, corn, corn dollies, cornucopias, fallen leaves, gourds, grains, pomegranates, sun symbols, wheat sheaves

Colors: yellow, orange, red, maroon, russet, gold

Trees: apple, hazel, oak

Flower: sunflower

Herbs & Oils: cedar, clove, honeysuckle, hops, marigold, musk, myrrh, rosemary, sage 

Stones: amber, citrine, tiger's eye

Animals: birds of prey, dog, pig, salmon, snake, wolf

Beverages: beer, hot apple cider, mead, wine

Foods: apples, baked squash, breads, cornbread, grains, seeds 

Prayer for Balance
(Just what I needed!)

Now is the moment of Equinox

I stand before the union of light and dark.

The equal journey of Goddess and God

has come to the threshold of balance.

May my mind be in balance.

May my heart be in balance.

May my body be in balance.

May my spirit enfold all that I am in balance.

Now is the moment of the Equinox.

May all things be aligned, within and without.

So mote it be.

Mabon information taken from Wheel of the Year classes at Avalon in Orlando, FL 2001.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Magick Muse