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This Week in The Magick Muse

Sugar Skull Amy October 2013
This Week in
The Magick Muse

Reading: "The Virgin Project" by K.D. Boze and Stasia Kato - I am loving this graphic novel - it's the book for Chris and I's bookclub this month - should open up "stimulating" conversation.

Listening to: Bosnian Rainbows - my new favorite band, thanks to Mountain Oasis.

Watching: My usual TV shows plus some horror flicks - still in the spirit of Halloween - I watched "Creature from the Black Lagoon", "Daughters of Darkness", and "Tamara" this past weekend. I was pleasantly amused and surprised with "Tamara". It has that chick from the new witch show, "Witches of East End". 

Thinking about: Simplifying.

Learning: Simplifying.

Doing: Simplifying.

Pet Peeves: People who confuse witty sarcasm with negativity.

Happy Thoughts: Relaxation, catching up, the continued brightness of fall colors, hugs, breakfast with friends, and good books.

Best Quote: "I create my perfect health." - from meditating with Deepak and Oprah. 

Looking forward to: I am looking forward to clearing all that is not needed in my life to make room for beautiful things in 2014. 

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Magick Muse

Amy Riddle is an empowerment coach, crafter of sorts, writer,
herbalist, reverend, and all out muse.
She holds a Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine with an emphasis on herbs. 
She is a certified professional life coach with the Life Coach Institute of Orange County. 
Amy craves to inspire others to be healthy and whole in body, mind, and spirit. 
She has an affinity for striped socks, stinging nettle, and all things faery.