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K is for Kuan Yin Oracle Deck - Pagan Blog Project

Kuan Yin Oracle

Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild
Artwork by Zeng Hao

Last week's post was all about Kuan Yin.

You know that I love her.

She continues to inspire me daily.

When I saw the Kuan Yin Oracle deck,
my heart grew 3 times bigger,
and I knew I was meant to have it.

I love this deck.

I took the cards with me on my solo retreat a couple of weekends ago. I sought wisdom from the oracle.
Each time I pulled a card it was 
exactly what I needed to hear/know at that moment.

The oracle card chosen on my 1st morning by the river, 
"Nectar of the Lotus",
really hit the spot.

"The Divine Mother wishes that 
those who are meant to feed others be well fed too! 

Your devotion to helping others 
has the effect of squeezing the 
cosmic heart chakra of the Divine Mother. 

From her heart drips nectar, sweet, 
sustaining, life-affirming energy 
that feeds you and allows you to nourish many souls. 

Like a sacred chalice that overflows, 
when you are full, well and vital, 
the feeding of others happens effortlessly. 

You are guided to be fed now, fed with Divine Nectar from the Heart of the Mother."

And that's exactly what I did on my retreat.

Prayer of the Lotus Nectar
"Beloved Kuan Yin, 
help me realize the connection to myself and to life,
 that I need to be able to live my highest vibrational life, 
where I am well, replenished, joyful, and 
connected to the endless flow of divine energy 
and life force in our Universe.
Please bring me clear guidance about 
how to best cultivate chi now, 
how to be open to receive the Nectar of the Lotus, 
the life force and love of the Divine Mother, 
for my highest good,
so be it.
Om Mani Padme Hum."


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Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Magick Muse
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