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L is for The Law of Dharma~Pagan Blog Project

From Discover Your Passion and Purpose 
from The Chopra Center

There are three core elements to the Law of Dharma:

1) Seek your higher self. You come into this world to discover for yourself that your essential nature is spiritual. Inside you is a god or goddess in embryo, waiting to be born and express your divinity. As you awaken to your spiritual self, you will know yourself as a timeless, eternal being in the midst of a time-bound experience.

2) Discover and express your unique gifts and talents. The Law of Dharma says that there’s at least one thing you can do better than anyone else on the entire planet. When you’re completely absorbed in expressing your talent, time seems to stand still. You love what you’re doing and you enter the blissful state of timeless awareness.

3) Find ways to serve. The third component of the Law of Dharma is about using your unique talents to serve humanity, all other sentient beings, and the world. When your creative expression helps others, you’re making full use of the Law of Dharma and experience perfect alignment with the infinite field of intelligence.

Going Deeper with Meditation

When we go deeper into our being, we find the inner place of stillness and silence that is beyond external anchors. This is the source of all energy and creativity in life.
Through the practice of meditation, you can access the space of inner quiet and open to an awareness of your higher self. There are many ways to meditate, including the Primordial Sound Meditation practice taught at the Chopra Center.
Here is a guided meditation practice that you can try right now:

Connect to Yourself

Like meditation, yoga is a powerful practice for connecting to your essential nature as you cultivate the union of body, mind, and spirit. Yoga encompasses ancient teachings for self-awareness as well as physical postures for awakening to your true self.
Enjoy this guided yoga practice led by Chopra Center master educator Trista Thorp. As you practice, let go of any expectations of what “should” happen during yoga and settle into the experience with a sense of self-compassion and acceptance.

Exercise: Who Am I?

You don’t need to search the world to find your purpose. The clues lay hidden deep in your heart. Your purpose boils down to what it is that you have to give back to the world, and for that you need to know who you really are, for that is what you have to give.  Who and what you fundamentally are, constitutes your gift to others. When you find your true self, you find your love and joy, and you will express that in every thought and action in your life.
Let’s begin with the question of who is the “I” that is seeking to create your life. Take a moment right now and ask yourself Who am I?  Jot down your answers on a piece of paper. Many people will begin this exercise by identifying their external roles in life: I’m a mother, a doctor, a daughter, a Harvard graduate, a CEO, a triathlete, an artist, and so on. However, as they continue to ask themselves this question, the responses will begin to go beyond the ego level to the deeper realm of the soul.  I am love. I am joy. I am spirit . . .
In order to create a life of genuine happiness, we need to realize that we are all much more than skin-encapsulated egos. We are more than our titles, positions, accomplishment, and relationships. Our true self is multidimensional, unbounded, pure potentiality.

“Dharma is much more than one’s career 
or focus of activity in life. 
Dharma is the unstoppable force of evolution in the cosmos 
that impels everything forward toward self-awareness. 
Everyone has a purpose or dharma. 
If we didn’t, we wouldn’t exist at all.” 
~Deepak Chopra

I love reading this over and over.

It fills me with deep inspiration
and keeps me aligned with my true path.


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