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Declutter - Inside & Out Coaching Package

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I believe in constant decluttering. 

I feel before you can bring anything new into your life, 
it helps to make room for it. 

We need to get rid of what does not serve us to 
make room for what does.

I usually start on an external excursion. 

Clean out the closets. 

Take things to Goodwill. 

If I hesitate on an item, I get rid of it. 
If I haven't worn it or used it in 6 months, I let it go. 

If I don't absolutely love it, I let it go.

In my home, I like to surround myself with things 
I really, really love.

Simplify your space. Simplify your life. 
Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. 

Declutter your home inside and out. 
I want you to have a place for everything, 
and everything in it's place.
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What about de-cluttering internally?

This usually requires deep reflection time.
Carve out some time for this. 
Find a quiet place and breathe.
Grab a journal.

1. Is there anyone you haven't forgiven? Do you hold a grudge towards someone? What or who are you tolerating? What are you holding on to that does not serve you?

2. Let it go. There are many ways you can do this. You can actually talk to that person that still bugs the crap out of you and forgive them. You could write it out and then burn it. You could meditate on the situation, see that person in your mind. Hug them, watch them turn into a big bubbly heart balloon and fly away from you. 

It's okay.

You deserve peace. You deserve to let go and move on. 

Decluttering inside and out is important for our souls. 

I'm most excited to be offering
a monthly decluttering coaching program.

I absolutely love organizing/cleaning/purging.

Let me help you get rid of all that does not serve you.

We'll look at the areas of your life that need decluttering
and devise a reasonable plan of attack.

Are you ready?

Click here or see below.

*special prices available only through October 1, 2014*

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Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Magick Muse

 Amy Riddle, C.C., Holistic Alchemist and Manifestor of Dreams is a life coach, tapping facilitator, reverend, creatress, teacher, writer, herbalist, and all out muse. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine with an emphasis on herbs. She is a certified professional life coach with the Life Coach Institute of Orange County. Amy craves to inspire others to be healthy and whole in body, mind, and spirit. She has an affinity for striped socks, stinging nettle, and all things faery.