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V is for Voodoo - Pagan Blog Project

I remember the first time I was introduced to voodoo.

My dad always had a ton of books around and one of them was about folklore.

In this book I found a section on hoodoo, or voodoo.

I was completely fascinated.

Growing up in the bible belt, it wasn't easy to find out what the rest of the world was learning/practicing/doing.

This was way before internet, way before I knew about other religions and spiritual natures.

This book even had spells! I had to try it out.

All I remember is - it involved an onion and breaking up a couple.

Which now I think back - isn't very nice!

I was in high school and ready to experiment. 
Totally NOT thinking about "do no harm" rules and all that.

I did the spell over the weekend. On Monday, the couple broke up. Coincidence? I don't know. 
Couples are always breaking up in high school. 

I tried out a couple more spells in the book - 
they both came to fruition.

Pretty amazing!

By Louis Martinie and Sallie Ann Glassman
Life happened, I stopped dabbling, and didn't think about voodoo until I was in New Orleans in 2000. Again, I was completely fascinated. I love the story of Marie Laveau. I love the candles, the charms, the love for ancestors, and the mystery.

I was gifted 
The New Orleans 
Voodoo Tarot cards. 
I still get them out from time to time. 

I still love voodoo lore and magic.

Let's get out the cards and see what they have to tell us today.

La Sirene ~ Congo ~Water
La Sirene is the mermaid. 

She is the great bridge between the 
depths of the seas and the dry land.
She is a loa responsible for the sacred songs 
of the Voodoo ceremony.
These songs combine spoken word and music bringing fascination and strong focus. 

Blue is her color.

Her power is empathy.

She is all about the emotional connection.

Beautiful card. I love her.
Do you consider yourself empathic?
I know I'm an empath.
It isn't always easy, but there is something special 
when you connect with others on a deep emotional level.
Your heart expands and 
it's a beautiful thing.
I'm super excited to be a part of 
The Pagan Blog Project

Every Friday experience the alphabet of spirituality 
and pagan goodness.

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