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I'm taking an e-course and I'm flippin' excited.

I'm taking an e-course! 

Sunday, I begin Flying Lessons
the e-course from Kelly Rae Roberts

It is a 5 week course that sounds 
over-inspiring and chock-full of crafty tidbits. 

From Kelly Rae Robert's website...
Week 1 & 2
We’ll focus on creating an effective online presence via blogs, websites, social networking, and more. We’ll talk specifically about the ins and outs of these resources including how to create, how to improve, and the secret ingredients to using them effectively. We also talk about networking and the importance of creating community and how to build long lasting creative allies. We’ll discuss all the fears that we’ll inevitably come up against as we push the boundaries of our horizons and how to effectively push through them.

Week 3 & 4
We’ll focus on selling strategies (both online and offline). I’ll give specific strategies for selling on etsy and other online marketplaces. We’ll discuss effective ways of styling, photographing, packaging, and pricing our products and/or services. We’ll also focus on a number of effective marketing strategies to get the word out about our businesses, including print media, newsletters, advertising, blogging, and more. We’ll also discuss in detail all the ins and out of getting press and getting published. Finally, we’ll discuss the actualizing of goals, creating schedules, and time management.

Week 5
We’ll focus on recharging our souls, handling compettion as well as overwhelm and burnout. We’ll talk about creating other creative ways of income such as teaching, licensing, blog sponsorships, affiliate programs, and more. We’ll discuss an overview of money, and when it’s time to ask for help (interns, etc). Finally, we’ll wrap up what we’ve learned together and celebrate taking flight into our creative dreams!

I'm soooooooooooo looking forward to this. 
Kelly Rae Roberts has been inspiring me since
 I moved to North Carolina and found 
a piece of her artwork, 
"She was on a journey back to her wings." 

Obviously, it is one of my favorite pieces ever. 
I have it hanging above my desk in my bedroom. 
You can read my blog about it, here

I'm ready for my wings. 
Let's go!

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer