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This Week in The Spirit Dancer

This Week in 
The Spirit Dancer

Reading: All the information for my Flying Lessons e-course from Kelly Rae Roberts.

Listening to: Various tunes that get me moving. 

Watching: Charmed. It helps me craft. 

Thinking about: The next home...where I will have a room for all of my crafting...

Learning: Last week I took a course on pricing and budgeting your crafty business. That was eye opening. I spent a couple of hours yesterday re-pricing my jewelry and cigar box purses. Whew. 

Doing: Crafting like crazy!

Pet Peeves: Football, politics, blah blah blah 

Happy Thoughts: New Moon=New gym, new money (raise), new knowledge (Flying Lessons e-course), new inspirations 

Best Quote: Be inventive! 

Looking forward to: Delving into my Flying Lessons e-course...and fall....oh fall...

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer