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Impromptu Goal Post

My Flying Lessons course from Kelly Rae Roberts 
is coming to an end. 
I was super excited to take this class and 
now I'm even more inspired than before!

The class is almost like a vacation where you over-do things. 
You want to soak in every possible second 
exploring new territory.

My head is spinning. My heart it fluttering. My brain keeps saying, "Oh, I should do that, I want to do that, oh let's do that!"

Fresh ideas abound.

So, I'm compiling my new list of 

  1. Design my own website.  
  2. Re-work my blog.
  3. Aim higher with craft shows...apply for juried shows.
  4. Organize my own craft show with my super talented friends.
  5. Take better pictures of my wares.
  6. Find an online handmade store to sell my crafts and get rid of Etsy.
  7. Teach e-courses. (anything from herbs to tapping in to your higher power)
  8. Attain the square.
  9. Plot and plan a retreat somewhere in the North Carolina mountains for about 10 artists to get together and inspire each other.
  10. Practice good time management skills allowing myself relax time and a reasonable amount of time to implement my goals.
Let's fly!

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Spirit Dancer