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October Goals 2012

It's October!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Best. Month. Ever.

At least for me. 

October is cooler weather. October is fall foliage. 
October is hoodies. October is fires under the moon.
October is magick. October is pumkpin spice lattes. 
October is Halloween!

Last month I started a new routine, new gym, new class, etc.

My goal this month is basically just commitment.

I have laid out my new routine.
Now I just have to keep it up.

I get up an hour earlier now to work on Spirit Dancer Creations and my Flying Lessons e-course.

On Mondays after work I am taking a beginner boxing class.

I'm going to the gym Tuesday and Thursday for 
treadmill/strength training/sauna.

Wednesdays are date nights. 

I'm not going to vend every Saturday anymore. 
I am going to do every other weekend...
maybe...maybe not.

I feel my life is flowing more effortlessly.
I am working on having my schedule work for me 
and not wear me out. 

I am working on being present. 

Happy October!

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer