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Oracle of the Week~Faery~UnDressing of a Salad

UnDressing of a Salad
Balance. Avoiding extremes. 
Achieving the impossible. 
Being impossible.

From the Faeries' Oracle by Brian Froud, text by Jessica MacBeth

The dressing of a salad requires a good balance 
to get that tasty whole.
The undressing of a salad requires
 truly remarkable adroitness. 

We may think that is impossible, but Adroito, whom we see busily balancing magical balls, is 
the Faery of Doing Impossible Things.

He and Sally (crouched above) are intently focused on balancing things, and the large gnome in the center 
finds this very amusing.
He looks in two directions at once, seeing the impossibility of keeping things that are in 
constant motion in balance at all times---
like the juggling act of life.

Of course we fall out of balance.
Of course we occasionally drop the ball.
Sometimes when we drop the ball, 
we just have to invent another one.

There are times when we have to turn bad luck into good-
and that isn't always easy, especially if someone else
seems determined to turn good luck into bad.

Everything is integrating and disintegrating at the same time!

Confusion is rife, but we still try to create order 
and put things into balance.

Balance changes constantly, 
but it is still balance.

Starter Reading:

Things are in motion and the outcome is impossible to predict.
A cool head is required to deal with this, as is a readiness to jump in whatever direction seems appropriate.
Exercise cool judgment while staying ready for the unpredictable.
Sudden changes of fortune may appear good or bad, but they are all in flux and can be re-channeled if necessary.

Develop poise.

Stay calm.

You can come out a winner here, but it is likely to take concentrated effort.

Use power with delicacy and discretion

Oh, dearest faeries, you always know don't you?
Once again, balance shows up at my doorstep.
Okay, okay...I'm working on it. 
I've been working on it!

Deep breath.

I think this card is telling me that even when my 
balance becomes unbalanced, 
I need to plunge through and readjust.

Find a new balance. 

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer