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Oracle of the Week~Faery~The Star Faerie

The Star Faerie
The Star Faerie by Brian Froud
Universal Connections ~ Cosmic Collaboration ~ Unity

From the book:

It's easy to go through life not feeling connected 
to anyone or anything.
We insulate ourselves from that which surrounds us.
It can be overwhelming to think about the vastness above us, 
and we may feel the need to protect ourselves from that vastness.

The Star Faerie invites connection to the universe.

When you find this being in a reading, 
it's important to think about how we are connected, 
not only to everything on Earth, 
but to the stars and the whole universe as well.

Look up.

It may be the middle of the day, 
or you may be in a place that has so much
 illumination at night that you never see the stars, 
but remember they are there.

The energy of the stars is in all of us, literally.
We are made up of tiny bits of star energy and 
that is what Faerie dust is.

The Star Faeries embodies that energy with us always, 
whether we can see it or not, 
reminding us of our universal connections.


I have been feeling more connected lately, more "on".
I was just thinking about how cool it is that I now have so many universal connections...I am part of a group of over 600 creative women from all over the world!

Taking Kelly Rae's Flying Lesson e-course is one of the best decisions I've made for my creative biz. 

So many benefits...and one HUGE benefit is 
the online Facebook group.

The class is over, but our journey isn't. 

I can hop on my laptop and there they are..
my online beautiful muses. 

It feels good.

We have that like-minded connection, common creative biz goals, all of us cut from the same cloth.

And this connection stays with me. 

It inspires me. I feel moved to keep creating, keep working on my creative biz, get that new Etsy shop up, keep blogging, take a painting class, etc.

I have a universal crafty support group.

This makes me giddy.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Spirit Dancer