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I opened up an Etsy shop on my Holiday vacation in 2006. 
I spent two days taking pictures, writing up descriptions, 
and opening up shop.

The first day I sold something. 
The second day I sold another craft! 

I was on fire!

I went back to work after the New Year and did not devote all the time and effort I needed to into my Etsy site.

Over the years I just forgot about it. 

Too many people! Too many things! 

Too many items with birds on them!


Recently it has come to my attention that I need 
some sort of online shop. 
I was going to ditch Etsy all together...
but it's still "the most popular".

So here I am, at the mercy of Etsy.

I opened up a brand new shop. 
I have tons of wares to post, but whew...
it's time consuming. 

Mainly the picture part. 
I don't really have great lighting in my itty bitty apartment.

The photos I take when it's cloudy outside turn out decent...
but that dang sun keeps shining.

Fade To Black by The Spirit Dancer has begun...11 items up...more to come...many more necklaces, candles, greeting cards, cigar box purses...
I got it!

Take a moment and check it out...and check back...

I'll be adding items when I Cyber Monday is coming up! 

I'm having a Cyber Monday Sale!

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer