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Upcoming Events

Feeling groovy...feeling inspired...feeling crafty.

I got a couple of shows up my sleeves for 

First off is a local artist craft show 

It's the Saturday prior to VD. 
You know...Valentine's Day...
February 9

75% of the vendor fees goes to the Francine Delany New School for Children building fund.

I'll have my usual wares...spiritual necklaces, intention candles, and I think I may create some VD items. 
Maybe some bracelets to do with love...or some greeting cards.
I'll see what mood strikes me.

And for the 2nd show, break out your fishnets and corsets!
I will be selling pin up wares at 
I haven't been this excited about a show 
since VAGINAfest back in my Orlando days. 
I love burlesque. I love sexy. 
I love any excuse to break out my fishnets!
They contacted me through my Etsy shop and 
I am just over the moon happy about that. 
Would I like to vend? 
I didn't really need to even think about it. 
Sign me up!
I'll have pin up greeting cards, pin up cigar box purses, and 
all things pin ups. 
I have some ideas whirling around my brain right now. 
I'm also really happy ABSFest is in May...
so I have plenty of time to create sexy wares.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Spirit Dancer