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This Week in The Spirit Dancer

Hmm...what am I wishing for? 
This Week in
The Spirit Dancer

Reading: "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron...reading chapter 2 in preparation for February. I love this book club I'm in. We are taking 1 chapter per month. It's working out great. 

Listening to: Various...The White Stripes, Vampire Weekend, Radiohead, Muse, Air, The Black Keys, The Fratellis

Watching: Almost done with "Smallville" season 5..."Supernatural" was finally really enjoyable this past nerd episode...loved it. 

Thinking about: Painting, my birthday, my life coaching trip coming up...

Learning: I need female support and companionship. 

Doing: The usual. Blogging, creating, chatting, thinking, doing.

Pet Peeves: Over emotional-long-poor me-exhausting blogs. 

Happy Thoughts: Chocolate red velvet cake. 

Best Quote: "Reach inside your soul today, grab your fairy dust and sprinkle it around the world." ~Kellie Kuecha 

Who I Admire: Julia Cameron. She is a freakin' genius. Her book is changing my life. Morning pages are the best therapy I've ever encountered. I am happily addicted to my morning pages. It is releasing all the negativity that has been stored inside. Stuff I thought was long gone! Morning pages has a way of bringing out all the gunk and junk and allowing release. I feel so much more "together"...more balanced...more alive. Thank you Julia Cameron. You are truly amazing. 

Looking forward to: My birthday tomorrow...I'm not working...thinking of taking in Tarantino's latest flick and going to some breweries. 

...and today is my mom's birthday.

Happy Birthday Mom!
Wish we were celebrating our Birthdays together!

My Mom-Spanish Mill Florida-2008

Peace, Inspiration, & Love, 
 The Spirit Dancer