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Oracle of the Week~Goddess~Maeve

The last time I pulled Maeve was October 14, 2011.


I am a Warrioress

a Warrioress of the Heart

I am Queen

of the domain of myself

I am able to respond

in all situations

from the knowledge of who I am

My actions are who I am

My beliefs are who I am

All I do is who I am

That which is outside of me

stays outside of me

That which I choose to let in

I own and acknowledge

How can you be responsible

if you do not own all aspects of yourself?

How can you be accountable

without being Queen over your own domain?

How can you serve your consort, your children, your community

if you are unwilling to acknowledge and answer for yourself?


Maeve is here to remind you that the way to wholeness is
by taking responsibility for your life, 
whatever shape it is in.

For only by taking responsibility, 
by acknowledging where you are, 
who you are, what you are, 
can you create something different.

Become Queen of your domain.

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
The Magick Muse