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10 Things I Need for Creativity~May Blog Circle

10 Things I Need for Creativity

1. I need space. I need space to create. I need space to spread my wings. I need space for paint, jewelry supplies, and glue all over the place. After spending 2 years in a 400 square foot apartment with my boyfriend, I finally have my own craft room. It's so incredible and is so very needed for my creative muse to thrive.
my craft room
2. I need to be alone. At least in the beginning of my creating. Once I see in my head what I'm making, I can be around others creating. However, I usually do my best alone. 

3. I need incense and candles to set my creative ambiance. When I light incense and candles it automatically takes me to a place of calm. I feel centered and ready to do something inspiring. 

a source of inspiration-Sarah

4. I need the right music. It can vary. Normally I dig chick voices...if I really want to dig deep I throw on my Sarah McLachlan DVD. Works every single time.  

5. I need my home to be in order. I cannot create in chaos. Besides, it's all very feng shui. 

6. I need a big chunk of time. I don't want to be interrupted. This puts me at somewhat of a disadvantage because it means I really only have the weekend to create. Working the mundane 40 hour Monday-Friday work week incorporating the gym...well...I normally only have about an hour every evening for dinner and to get ready for the next day. No time to create. I live for 3 day weekends. I really need a creation vacation

Why pay regular price?
7. I need craft supplies-which means I need coupons! Let's face it, some of these supplies are not cheap. So, I'm all about the weekly coupons for Michael's, Joann's, and A.C. Moore. Gel medium costs $15.99...nah...I'll get that 40% or 50% off with a Michael's coupon. SCORE.

8. I need books. Books inspire me. Books are my friends. Just being surrounded by books, I am inspired. 

9. I need to write. Writing is very cathartic for me. Every single morning I get up and write my morning pages which are 3 pages of stream of consciousness writing. It is incredibly therapeutic. I highly suggest you try it. 

10.  I need an awesome boyfriend that understands creativity is part of who I am. Thank you Chris for allowing me to be me. 
How completely fantastic. 
Chris & I

What do you need to let out your creative muse?

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