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Etsy - Third Times a Charm?

Blog 7 of 30 ~ Effy Wild's Blogalong ~ Thirty Posts in Thirty Days 

I've had a very love/hate relationship with Etsy.

I opened my first shop back in December of 2006.
I sold something the first day!
I sold something the next day!

I was on a high.
I thought Etsy was the coolest invention since air conditioning.

At the time I was on my end of the year break from my job 
and had plenty of time to devote to Etsy.
However, I went back to work...
and I didn't promote my shop.

I didn't really sell anything anymore...
and then Etsy started getting CRAZY.

I just stopped.

Last fall I re-opened an Etsy shop after I took my 

I really gave it my all - tags, specials, blogs, 
facebook, group sales, cyber sales...
and I didn't sell a damn thing.

Things didn't seem right to me though. Something was up with my business flow. I didn't feel completely authentic anymore.
I needed something more.

I was really feeling that my craft was just a hobby and 
there was something bigger lurking...
something I couldn't put my finger on just yet.

I went soul searching on top of a mountain and 
I had an epiphany.

You can read about it here...
(The epiphany came later that day...
that I was to be a life coach and
help others manifest their heart's desires.)

Since then, I feel I'm with the flow.

I got my life coach certificate and I've been re-branding.

I have gone from Spirit Dancer Creations

Feeling extra inspired and on the right path, 
I started to heal my Etsy relationship and start a new store.

I'm sooooo happy I did.
I got my first sale yesterday!

Just the encouragement I need to keep going.

I plan on incorporating my crafts into my life coaching inspire, empower, and help others find their authentic selves.

So...I'm off to add a couple of necklaces to my new Etsy shop.
Third time's a charm?!?!

I really feel when you align with your higher self,
all falls into place.

May you always be inspired and full of abundance!

Peace, Inspiration, & Love,
 The Magick Muse