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C is for Coven - Pagan Blog Project

C is for Coven.

1 - The show
2- I want my own coven.
American Horror Story Coven
American Horror Story Coven 
has been my absolute favorite so far for the series.



and good prevailed.

Through all the gore and nasty jealous fights and crazies -
good won.

The new Supreme deemed
worthy and will build and lead
the coven into 
a strong honest future.

She will show the world that
it is okay to tap into your power
and be your authentic witchy self. 
American Horror Story Coven
Thank you 
American Horror Story 
for an amazing season.
American Horror Story Candles
And I have to say I 
completely loved the opening of the finale 
with Stevie Nicks.

It was absolutely perfect.

Did you see it?

Click here to watch the 
Seven Wonders intro by Stevie Nicks on Coven.
From Fleetwood Mac News

I am still searching for my tribe
for my coven.

It's been a dream of mine.

Maybe this is the year it happens. 

I long to be part of a group of strong women
honoring the earth and the seasons together. 

It's got to happen.
Misty Day of American Horror Story Coven
I'm super excited to be a part of 
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